Style is timeless. The key to looking great isn’t about following all of the latest fashion trends. It’s about finding your style, developing a sense of self and always staying true to your own aesthetic. My personal style went through a fair number of questionable phases. This is the story of how I lost my groove before embarking on a journey to rediscover my true sense of self.

Finding Alhambra… in Malta

My maternal grandfather held a high ranking position in a number of British overseas naval dockyards, and my mother grew up in countries such as Gibraltar, Bermuda, and the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta where she lived as a teenager from 1930 until 1932. In 1956, my mother returned to Malta with her own family.Continue reading “Finding Alhambra… in Malta”

Crossing the Border

The train was crowded, but not, surprisingly, with other Inter-Railers. Every one of the small compartments had been taken over by Moroccan families; plastic carrier bags and cardboard boxes blocked the luggage racks. They had hung their clothes over the doors and windows; we were far too intimidated to enter. We moved up to theContinue reading “Crossing the Border”

The Singles’ Holiday Club

When I told my friends I had booked a package holiday to Greece with a company specialising in holidays for single people aged between 30 and 49, they laughed at me. “You’re going on a singles holiday, hahaha. It will be full of sad desperate people looking for love and marriage.” My flight ticket arrivedContinue reading “The Singles’ Holiday Club”

From Bali to Holland… With Love

One October morning, Jebeh Nyoman Yanti walked along Sanur Beach, as she did every morning with her friends, looking for customers to bring back to the market stalls. Little did this 20-year-old Balinese beach-seller know that this would be the day that would change her life forever. We live in Holland, and on that wonderfullyContinue reading “From Bali to Holland… With Love”

Festive Fun and Toenail Trauma

Our timing was perfect. We found ourselves in Lisbon at the height of the ‘Festas de Lisboa’, an annual festival of music and dance, which takes over the entire city every year throughout June. The merry atmosphere is akin to a party; a full-blown fiesta of colourful floats, dazzling fireworks, raucous street parties, music, danceContinue reading “Festive Fun and Toenail Trauma”

A Fortune Teller Told Me

“You are about to change your life completely,” declared the fortune teller, a kindly grey-haired gentleman who appeared to be receiving messages from the ‘other side’. “You will be moving east.” I didn’t believe in all that clairvoyant mumbo jumbo, I had only agreed to see the man because he had scheduled a day ofContinue reading “A Fortune Teller Told Me”