Your Story

It’s never too early to tell your story but it can easily become too late. If you capture your stories now, you’ll create a treasure. For you and your children, your friends… and generations to come.

There is no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ life. Your stories are the leaves, buds, blossoms and petals on your family tree.

Imagine having a book about your life that your children and grandchildren could pass on for generations to come.

I will make it easy for you to transform a headful of memories and a boxful of photos into an enduring legacy.

Your unique memoir or life story is a tremendous legacy to leave to your loved ones. You have a story to tell and it doesn’t matter how old, or how young, you are. It doesn’t matter whether you have achieved success, fame and fortune, whether you have lived a ‘life less ordinary’, or whether you believe your life has been very ordinary. In fact, many of the most entertaining and inspirational stories come from ordinary people.

Your life story is about the memories and experiences that have shaped your life. It’s about who you are, how you’ve lived, where you’ve lived and where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, who you’ve loved and who has loved you. It’s about your hopes and your dreams, the challenges you have faced and your proudest achievements.

You may choose to chronicle your entire life or you may prefer to focus on one momentous experience, such as rising above a crisis, a major loss, or a traumatic childhood. Maybe you built a successful business, or served in a war. Perhaps you had a great adventure, navigated oceans, traversed continents and scaled mountains. Or maybe you lived a crazy, wild life, robbed a bank and broke out of jail.

There are so many people who hold their stories too close to their hearts and sadly it’s often too late that families realise there’s a great deal about their parents’ or grandparents’ lives that they will never know. Most of us want to leave something behind. We want our lives to have some meaning and not simply disappear into the dust. This could be an opportunity to pass on specific wisdom and life lessons.

I will collaborate closely with you to gather the important details of your life and develop them into a compelling narrative.

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