A Fortune Teller Told Me

“You are about to change your life completely,” declared the fortune teller, a kindly grey-haired gentleman who appeared to be receiving messages from the ‘other side’. “You will be moving east.”

I didn’t believe in all that clairvoyant mumbo jumbo, I had only agreed to see the man because he had scheduled a day of fortune telling at my friend’s house and needed to have at least six clients in order to make his journey worthwhile. He claimed to be a medium who communicated with the spirits; what amused me was the way in which he was listening and then thanking his invisible guide for each new piece of information. Yet his uncanny accuracy had already alerted my attention.

“Your reason for being in Plymouth will shortly no longer be there.”

Yes, that’s right, I replied earnestly, “the office where I work is closing down, and I’m going east to Exeter”.

The fortune teller interrupted my thoughts. “No”, he said, “you will be going a lot further than Exeter”. He then proceeded to tell me that I would be moving east to somewhere much warmer, “where the sun shines, beside the sea.” He explained that I was already sorting things out in my life and having a major clearing out process, building myself up for a lot of blossoming change, “You and your values are readjusting and you are getting ready for something major because you are about to change your life completely”. He added, “You will be forced to stand on your own two feet, you will let go of all your security; there will be a removal van coming and you will sell everything and leave.”

I shook my head and smiled at the man’s ignorance. “I have a beautiful house and I have absolutely no intention of selling it, my plan is to commute to work each day at the new office in Exeter.” The thought of selling my house and all of my possessions was inconceivable.

Mr. Fortune Teller smiled too – knowingly. “This will be your window of opportunity through which to fly,” he advised me, “you must be adventurous and not take the easiest option”. Yet he reassured me that the move would bring me a lot of happiness and a lot of love, “You will meet someone in your new life who will make you very happy, he will bring love into your life and you will walk on the beach together, kicking pebbles in the sand”. The psychic predicted that the preparation, transition and settling-in period would be three or four years, and then, at that point, my creative talents would be unleashed like a raging torrent. He said, “The whole picture into the future is sunshine apart from the initial period of change. Your life hasn’t really begun yet and you are still waiting for the start.” I pondered over his words, I was 38, single, how could my life not yet have started? The advice kept coming, “You must grab this opportunity with both hands, you will feel like you have been thrown into the sea but you will walk out of the difficult patch onto dry land. You must be like a dog with a bone and not let go of where you want to be”.

Poppycock, I mused silently, dismissing everything he had said.

I had recorded the man’s prediction on a cassette tape, but I just tossed it aside and promptly forgot everything he’d told me. It was to be nearly four years before – in utter amazement – I listened to that tape and the clairvoyant’s words again. Every single thing that he’d predicted had become a startling, and wonderful, reality.

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